baho food, that’s international food expertise.

We produce our products in up-to-date plants in the Netherlands (Beuningen and Veldhoven) and Germany (Emmerich am Rhein and Erkelenz).
Our customers enjoy what we make with an innovative spirit and craftsmanship: our fresh and prepared products as well as our gourmet articles are in great demand in Europe and are a firm listed element in the retail trade. Experience and expertise gained over 50 years in the foodstuffs industry
make us what we are today: a strong group of companies under the name baho food.

At baho food, the production processes are oriented to the customer. Because, as you know, we are close up. There’s nothing more exciting for our staff than to try out new things and optimise familiar processes in order to supply you with exactly what you want. Our processing is traditional, our recipes are creative. We make innovative products that make a gourmet philosophy out of quick cooking.
Up-to-date cuisine in line with customer requirements, that’s the cause we have taken up.